Data Downloads

ECHO has several types of data sets available to those with larger data needs. These larger data sets are available to developers, programmers, academics, analysts, and the public. The data available here can be downloaded and used for many different functions and are certain to meet all data retrieval needs.

ECHO also offers web services to facilitate more direct access to ECHO data to meet your data needs.

National Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis Data Downloads

The Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis (IDEA) data sets have been compiled for access to larger sets of national data to ensure that ECHO meets your data retrieval needs. ECHO is a website that draws data from IDEA, which integrates facility data from different EPA databases, but is not readily accessible to the public. While ECHO provides data detailing compliance assurance and enforcement activities related to federal environmental laws, it has a limited display of data. The IDEA data sets are available for download to review these expanded data sets. Each data set is a compressed zip file containing one or more pipe-delimited ( | ) text files. The download summary documents posted after each data set contain a file listing and definitions of included data elements.

The below data sets are from the August 2012 IDEA refresh. During the August 2012 IDEA refresh, several states were entering Clean Water Act data into PCS. All remaining PCS states were migrated to ICIS-NPDES during the December 2012 IDEA refresh. Data for these states will be available in the PCS download until the 2013 IDEA downloads are generated.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s PDF page to learn more.

Please note that each level of government has been working together for many years to ensure that information in national systems is accurate. However, while increased scrutiny has been given to the quality of data in the national systems in recent years, the data quality before November 2000 has not been assessed and should be considered unknown.

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