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Detailed Facility Report

Detailed Facility Report

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Facility Summary


Data Dictionary

Facility Information (FRS)

EPA Region:
Indian Country:
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Regulatory Interests

Clean Air Act:
Clean Water Act:
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act:
Safe Drinking Water Act:

Also Reports

Air Emissions Inventory (EIS):
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (eGGRT):
Toxic Releases (TRI):

Enforcement and Compliance Summary

Statute Insp (5 Years) Date of Last Inspection Current Compliance Status Qtrs in NC (of 12) Qtrs in Significant Violation Informal Enforcement Actions (5 years) Formal Enforcement Actions (5 years) EPA Cases Penalties (5 years)

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Facility/System Characteristics

Facility/System Characteristics

Data Dictionary
Statute Identifier Universe Status Areas Permit Expiration Date Indian Country Latitude Longitude

Facility Contact Information

System Identifier Facility Name Facility Address Contact Name Contact Telephone Report

Facility SIC Codes

System Identifier SIC Code SIC Desc

Facility NAICS Codes

System Identifier NAICS Code NAICS Desc

Enforcement and Compliance

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Data Dictionary

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Compliance Monitoring History (5 years)

Statute Source ID System Inspection Type Lead Agency Date Finding Report

Entries in italics are not considered inspections in official counts.

SDWA Sanitary Survey Results (5 Years)

 Sanitary Survey Results
Date Type Agency Data Verification Distribution Management Operation Finished Water Storage Operator Compliance Other Evaluation Pumps Security Source Financial Treatment

Sanitary survey result codes: M=Minor Deficiencies, N=No Deficiencies or Recommendations, R=Recommendations Made, S=Significant Deficiencies, X=Not Evaluated, Z=Not Applicable

Compliance Summary Data

Statute Source ID Current SNC/HPV Description Current As Of Qtrs in NC (of 12) Report

Three Year Compliance Status by Quarter

Data Dictionary
Statute Program/Pollutant/Violation Type QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4 QTR 5 QTR 6 QTR 7 QTR 8 QTR 9 QTR 10 QTR 11 QTR 12 Report

Informal Enforcement Actions (5 Years)

Statute Source ID Type of Action Lead Agency Date Report

Formal Enforcement Actions (5 Years)

Statute Source ID Type of Action Lead Agency Date Penalty Penalty Description Report

SDWA Violations and Enforcement Actions (5 Years)

Violations Enforcement Actions
Compliance Period Violation ID Federal Rule Contaminant Category Description Measured Value State MCL Federal MCL Resolved Date Category Description Agency

ICIS Case History (5 years)

Primary Law/Section Case No. Case Type Lead Agency Case Name Issued/Filed Date Settlement Date Federal Penalty State/Local Penalty SEP Cost Comp Action Cost

Environmental Conditions

Water Quality

Data Dictionary
Permit ID Watershed (HUC 8) Watershed Name (HUC 8) Watershed (HUC 12) Watershed Name (HUC 12) Receiving Waters Impaired Waters Combined Sewer System?

Air Quality

Non-Attainment Area? Pollutant(s)


TRI History of Reported Chemicals Released in Pounds per Year at Site

Data Dictionary
Year Total Air Emissions Surface Water Discharges Underground Injections Releases to Land Total On-site Releases Total Off-site Releases

TRI Total Releases and Transfers by Chemical and Year

Chemical Name

Demographic Profile

Demographic Profile of Surrounding Area (3 Miles)

Data Dictionary

This section provides demographic information regarding the community surrounding the facility. ECHO compliance data alone are not sufficient to determine whether violations at a particular facility had negative impacts on public health or the environment. Statistics are based upon the 2010 US Census and American Community Survey data, and are accurate to the extent that the facility latitude and longitude listed below are correct. The latitude and longitude are obtained from the EPA Locational Reference Table (LRT) when available.

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Missing Units

EPA does not know the units of this value, because the state did not report them. States are not required to report the units of measured values or state MCLs.

Although EPA does not know the units of this value, the following information may help you to interpret the value:

  • Measured values and state MCLs must be reported in the same units, when they are reported to EPA. Their units may be different from the units of the Federal MCL.
  • State MCLs, where they exist, must always be at least as stringent as the Federal MCL.

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