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State Comparative Maps Help
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How to use this map

The ECHO State Comparative Maps provide a quick interactive way to review national trends and compare state performance. Select an environmental topic area (Water, Hazardous Waste, or Air) by clicking on the tab above the map. Choose the piece of information that you would like to see on the map using the left navigation bar. Click on a state for summary level information and direct access to the state's dashboard for additional information.

How to use the Year Selection Slider

There is five years of data available for each piece of information on the left navigation bar. To see multiple years of data for a piece of information, click on the play button (Play button) at the top of map and to the left of the year selection slider. When a new piece of information is selected from the left navigation bar, the year selection slider will automatically stop until you click on the play button again.

Information on the Data Presented on the Map

The data on the map originates from national systems - AFS, PCS, ICIS-NPDES and RCRAInfo. The information presented on the map is a combination of frozen data that has been reviewed by State Environmental Agencies and EPA Regions as part of an annual Data Verification process and production data. For additional information on the data presented on the map, please visit the Comparative Maps Help.