FRS Download Summary and Data Element Dictionary

The Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) system incorporates data from the Facility Registry Service (FRS) to link records representing data about the same facility across different programmatic database systems.

FRS Description

The Facility Registry Service (FRS) is a centrally managed database that identifies facilities, sites, or places (program interest) subject to environmental regulations or of environmental interest. It assigns a unique identifier to each program interest, and provides a cross-reference (linkage) to data records about that interest which reside in many of EPA’s programmatic data management systems.

Using the FRS program interest linkage, records included in the FRS download file are those with a valid FRS ID and which are cross-referenced by ID number to data contained in ICIS-Air, TRI, GHG (E-GGRT), RCRAInfo, SDWIS, or ICIS-NPDES, or which are linked to a formal enforcement action in ICIS-FE&C.

FRS File Data Elements

There are two download files: Facilities and Program Links.

  • Facilities contains FRS Name and Address information along with Registry_ID; the key FRS Facility identifier.
  • Program Links contains the linkages between program record (identified by Program Acronym and Program System Identifier) to the FRS Facility (identified by the Registry ID).

Facilities (FRS_FACILITIES.csv)

Element Name Data Type Length Long Name
FAC_NAME Char 200 Facility Name
FAC_STREET Char 200 Street Address
FAC_CITY Char 100 City
FAC_STATE Char 2 State Abbreviation
FAC_ZIP Char 10 Postal ZIP Code
REGISTRY_ID Char 50 FRS Registry ID
FAC_COUNTY Char 100 County Name
FAC_EPA_REGION Char 2 EPA Region Code


Program Links (FRS_PROGRAM_LINKS.csv)

Element Name Data Type Length Long Name
REGISTRY_ID Char 36 FRS Registry ID
PGM_SYS_ACRNM Char 60 Program System Acronym
PGM_SYS_ID Char 90 Program System Identification Number


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