Corporate Compliance Screener

The Corporate Compliance Screener organizes existing ECHO facility data into reports that highlight recent compliance issues or enforcement actions based upon data entered into national data systems of record.

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Settlement Time Period Information

Settlement Time Period affects the range of settlement entered dates included in the EPA and State Formal Enforcement Settlements report table.

Major Caveats

  • This tool does not provide a complete summary of all enforcement actions - potential pending investigations and criminal investigations are not included.
  • The Corporate Compliance Screener does not provide corporate family linkages; it allows the user to provide multiple corporate, subsidiary, and trade-style names along with other criteria to select facilities and records likely representing the company of interest.
  • The name search feature looks for each word provided and may over-select records that “sound like” those of interest, e.g., a facility search for “DuPont” will return “ Dedc LLC - Dupont” in Dupont, WA. The tool provides a select/deselect box in the Step 2: Review Results pane to remove these “false positive” records prior to generating a Corporate Compliance Report.

Review the Help page or Contact Us with questions about the Corporate Compliance Screener.

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