Detailed Facility Report Help

The Detailed Facility Report presents a concise enforcement and compliance history for a selected facility.

 General Overview

Facility environmental compliance data are tracked under four environmental laws:

  • Clean Air Act (CAA)
  • Clean Water Act (CWA)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

Individual EPA national databases house and maintain the inspection, enforcement, and compliance data for these laws. ECHO combines these data to allow you to comprehensively analyze a regulated facility's environmental compliance record. The Detailed Facility Report is an aggregate report – therefore, some data are displayed differently due to differences in tracking methods and indicators used in the source databases.

ECHO also incorporates many other EPA environmental datasets to provide additional context for analyses. Read more about ECHO data.

For descriptions of the data elements presented in the Detailed Facility Report, see the Data Dictionary.

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 Accessing the Detailed Facility Report

From Facility Search Results

There are three ways to access a detailed facility report from the facility search results:

  • Facility names are listed in the Facility Name column of the Results table. Clicking a facility name opens the Detailed Facility Report page in a new tab.
  • Clicking the "C" Report icon in the Reports column of the Results table opens the Detailed Facility Report page in a new tab.
  • Clicking on a row in the Results Table will display the Facility Summary panel to the right of the table, below the Search Statistics panel. The “More Facility Details” link at the bottom of the Facility Summary tab opens the Detailed Facility Report page in a new tab.

From the Civil Enforcement Case Report

  • The Facilities section of a Civil Enforcement Case Report page lists facilities by name and FRS number. Clicking a hyperlinked FRS number opens the Detailed Facility Report page for the selected facility in a new tab.

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 Navigating the Detailed Facility Report

The Detailed Facility Report is an interactive report that allows you to quickly find data of interest. Data are organized into six primary categories, each of which is controlled by expandable/collapsible sections that allow you to isolate the information that is of most interest. In addition, links to access related functionality are provided for the following:

  • Report Violation – Directs you to EPA's Report an Environmental Violation page where you can submit information about the suspected violation.
  • Report Data Error – Directs you to the Error Reporting Form where you can identify and submit comments on potentially erroneous data.
  • Data Dictionary – Opens the Detailed Facility Report data dictionary to assist you in understanding the information presented.
  • Print – Opens the Detailed Facility Report in a printer-friendly format.
  • Help – Provides you access to this Help page.

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 Data Organization

The Detailed Facility Report is organized into six primary sections:

  • Facility Summary – Presents a general, high-level summary of the selected facility, including a map of the facility location, basic facility identification information, regulatory interests (e.g., facility permits and other program identifiers), and a snap-shot of the facility's current enforcement and compliance record.
  • Facility/System Characteristics – Provides additional detailed facility identification information that is tracked in the Facility Registry Service (FRS), including: geographic location information, program-specific facility ID numbers, permit IDs and related status information, standard industrial classification code(s), etc.
  • Enforcement and Compliance – Summarizes the history of enforcement and compliance activities, including:
    You can choose to view all historical information or filter the information presented by a specific environmental law.
    • Compliance Summary Data
    • Three-Year Compliance Status by Quarter
    • Compliance Monitoring History (5 years)
    • Notices of Violation or Informal Enforcement Actions (5 years)
    • Formal Enforcement Actions
    • EPA Case History
  • Environmental Conditions – Describes the health of the environment in which the facility resides (i.e., water quality and air quality conditions)
  • Pollutants – If applicable, presents information about the facility's reported chemical releases to EPA's Toxics Release Inventory program.
  • Community – Presents demographic data describing the area surrounding the facility. Users may select either a 1-mile, 3-mile, or 5-mile radius around the coordinates of the facility.

For descriptions of the data elements presented in the Detailed Facility Report, see the Data Dictionary.