Website Known Issues

This page describes known issues related to the ECHO website itself. For data quality problems, please see the Known Data Problems page.


  • Facility search performance optimization is ongoing. If experiencing problems with slow facility searching or searches that won't load, please send information about the search ran, Internet browser, date, and time of day to ECHO Support
  • The ECHO Interactive Map results view may display clusters from adjacent states due to imprecise geographic data. Geographic coordinates are approximated in ECHO if facilities do not have location information. These facilities are indicated by the Facilities with estimated latitude/longitude marker icon.
  • Improvements to sitewide formatting consistency are underway.

Report Environmental Violations

  • Users may experience difficulty submitting violation reports with photo/video attachments in certain browsers. Reports can still be submitted without attachments.  

Facility Search

Hazardous Waste

  • In Internet Explorer 10, users may experience difficulties using the Time Since Last Inspection and Formal Enforcement Actions sliders.

Data Downloads

  • ECHO Exporter Download - For facilities with a 13th quarter (e.g., water facilities and drinking water systems), the FAC_3YR_COMPLIANCE_HISTORY column displays compliance history for Quarters 2-13 instead of Quarters 1-12.

State Comparative Maps

  • Users may experience difficulties with the map refresh timer associated with the year selection.

Water Pollutant Loading Tool


  • Some help documentation is under development.
  • When using Google Chrome browser to access the Water Pollution Search, TRI option, the text entry boxes on the Reported Discharges section are formatted incorrectly. 

Corporate Compliance Screener

  • Report - In the report download file, reports with the exact same name will appear with a number appended (e.g., “Company ABC” “Company ABC_1”).

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