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Important information about emissions data sources and reported values Please read important information about emissions data sources and reported values

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Program Pollutant Type Pollutant Units Trend 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

The Air Pollutant Report presents ten years of EPA air emissions data from the National Emissions Inventory (NEI), Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, Toxics Release Inventory, and Clean Air Markets Programs for a selected facility. Emissions are presented by pollutant for each program and each year that values are available. Each of these programs is governed by a different regulatory authority and performs a distinct function. The NEI program includes both facility-reported and government-augmented emissions, while the other programs include exclusively emissions reported by facilities. While each program is distinct, there is some overlap in pollutants covered by the different programs. Where the same pollutant exists in multiple programs, the Air Pollutant Report will list each program's emissions estimates. Emissions values reported under multiple programs are not exclusive and should not be added together. Due to programmatic differences in calculation methods and how "facility" is defined, there may be significant discrepancies in emissions values between programs. By consolidating emissions data from four different EPA programs into one report, the Air Pollutant Report provides a single source for users looking to understand a facility's full suite of pollutants and the range of possible emissions associated with a given pollutant depending on the emissions program.

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Emissions Data Caveat

The data shown on this page are derived from different regulatory requirements and measurement methods. They have been combined in one report to make it easier for users to access and view the information in one place. Each program as its own rules about the frequency of reporting and how data are reported and measured. Differences in pollutant amounts across data programs could be a function of those differing requirements. See Air Pollutant Report Help.

Facility Address Caveat

Facility address information comes from the Facility Registry Service via various EPA databases.