Effluent Charts

Compliance Tracking:
Select any compliance status value to filter the Pollutant/Outfall Summary Grid

Download Summary DataDownload Summary Data Click a cell in the summary grid to display the effluent chart(s). By default the last three years of data are presented.
Use the controls above to modify the date range, view charts for a different NPDES ID and/or filter by compliance status.


Error reporting links are now available next to each table and chart. Please click these links to report errors.

Effluent charts present an interactive display of effluent measures, permitted limits, and effluent violations for a specified date range for a single permit, discharge point, pollutant, monitoring location, and sampling period.

  • Chart symbols identify the measurement's statistical basis and change color if the measurement is in violation of the effluent limit.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over any data point or limit line to view an attribute bubble containing the measurement or limit value.
  • Use the chart legend shown below the chart to control which data series are shown on the chart. Click to enable (or disable) the data series displayed.
  • Using your mouse pointer, drag out a rectangle in the chart. The chart will adjust to zoom into the selected area. Click "Reset zoom" to return to the default chart view.