ICIS FE&C Inspection Types

The table lists the compliance monitoring types applicable to each environmental statute for federal inspections in the ICIS Federal Enforcement and Compliance (ICIS FE&C) program system. Checked inspection types indicate compliance monitoring activities that are counted in EPA Annual Results. 

 Statutes in this table include:

  • Clean Air Act (CAA)
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)
  • Clean Water Act (CWA)
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
Statute Inspection Type FE&C Official Inspections
CAA INV - Investigation
CAA IR1 - 112(r)(1) Inspection
CAA IR7 - 112(r)(7) Inspection
CAA RMP - 112(r) Inspection - RMP Non-Filer Review  
CAA 6EV - 68.220 Evaluation
CAA ADR - Asbestos Demolition and Renovation
CAA CDI - Case Development  
CAA CCP - Citizen Complaint  
CAA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection  
CAA DQI - Data Quality  
CAA CEI - Evaluation
CAA FFO - FCE Off-Site  
CAA FSS - Field Screening Sample
CAA FLP - Follow-Up
CAA CEF - Full Evaluation
CAA LNR - Late/Non Reporter  
CAA CVE - Motor Vehicle/Engine
CAA CMV - Motor Vehicle Fuels
CAA MVI - Motor Vehicle Idling Evaluation
CAA NFC - Non-Financial Record Review  
CAA OVS - Oversight
CAA CEP - Partial Evaluation
CAA PFF - PCE Off-Site  
CAA POI - PCE On-Site Interview
CAA POM - PCE On-Site Monitoring/Sampling
CAA POR - PCE On-Site Record/Report Review
CAA POV - PCE On-Site Visible Emission Observation
CAA SA1 - Sampling
CAA SLN - Special Local Need Inspection
CAA CST - Stack Test
CAA TVA - TV ACC Receipt/Review  
CAA CWE - Wood Heater Evaluation
CERCLA INV - Investigation
CERCLA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection
CERCLA CEI - Evaluation
CERCLA CEF - Full Evaluation
CERCLA LNR - Late/Non Reporter
CERCLA NO3 - Non-313
CERCLA OSV - On Site Visit
CWA INV - Investigation
CWA AER - Aerial Photography  
CWA AFD - AFO Defined
CWA AFN - AFO Designation
CWA AU1 - Audit  
CWA AU2 - Audit (IU)  
CWA CBI - Biomonitoring
CWA CDI - Case Development  
CWA CCP - Citizen Complaint
CWA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection  
CWA DQI - Data Quality
CWA DIA - Diagnostic
CWA CEI - Evaluation
CWA CE2 - Evaluation (IU)
CWA FSS - Field Screening Sample
CWA FOC - Focused
CWA FLP - Follow-Up
CWA CEF - Full Evaluation
CWA ILO - Illegal Operators
CWA OSN - Non-Compliance Rate
CWA PIU - Non-Sampling
CWA OPM - Operation and Maintenance
CWA OVS - Oversight
CWA PRV - Plan Review
CWA ROS - Reconnaissance without Sampling
CWA RWS - Reconnaissance with Sampling
CWA RMT - Remote Sensing
CWA SA1 - Sampling
CWA PSI - Sampling (IU)
CWA SAS - Sanitary Survey
CWA SAT - Satellite Imaging  
CWA SCE - Schedule Evaluation
CWA TX1 - Toxics
CWA TX2 - Toxics (IU)
CWA WIT - Witness Response Drill  
EPCRA INV - Investigation
EPCRA CBI - Biomonitoring
EPCRA CDI - Case Development  
EPCRA CIA - Chemical Inventory Audit
EPCRA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection
EPCRA DQI - Data Quality
EPCRA EMR - Emergency Release
EPCRA EMA - Emissions Audit
EPCRA CEI - Evaluation
EPCRA CEF - Full Evaluation
EPCRA LNR - Late/Non Reporter
EPCRA NO3 - Non-313
EPCRA NAI - Non-Agriculture Use
EPCRA NFC - Non-Financial Record Review
EPCRA OVS - Oversight  
EPCRA CEP - Partial Evaluation
EPCRA TX1 - Toxics
FIFRA INV - Investigation
FIFRA UGA - Agricultural Use
FIFRA UFI - Agriculture Use follow-up
FIFRA AU1 - Audit  
FIFRA FCA - Certified Applicator Records
FIFRA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection  
FIFRA PEI - Establishment, General Product Review
FIFRA RRV - Establishment, Records Review
FIFRA SPR - Establishment, Specific Product Review
FIFRA CEI - Evaluation
FIFRA EUI - Experimental Use
FIFRA EXP - Export
FIFRA FLP - Follow-Up
FIFRA CEF - Full Evaluation
FIFRA GPR - General Product Review
FIFRA GLP - Good Laboratory Practices
FIFRA RGW - Groundwater Monitoring Evaluation
FIFRA IMP - Import
FIFRA FMI - Marketplace
FIFRA NAI - Non-Agriculture Use
FIFRA NUF - Non-Agriculture Use follow-up
FIFRA OVS - Oversight  
FIFRA FRP - Restricted Use Dealer
FIFRA SLN - Special Local Need Inspection
FIFRA USL - Use Special Local Need
FIFRA WPS - Worker Protection Standards
RCRA INV - Investigation
RCRA ASE - Asbestos MAP
RCRA CDI - Case Development  
RCRA CCP - Citizen Complaint
RCRA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection
RCRA DQI - Data Quality
RCRA CEI - Evaluation
RCRA FRC - Financial Record Review  
RCRA FOC - Focused
RCRA FLP - Follow-Up
RCRA CEF - Full Evaluation
RCRA RGW - Groundwater Monitoring Evaluation
RCRA ILO - Illegal Operators
RCRA OSN - Non-Compliance Rate
RCRA NFC - Non-Financial Record Review
RCRA OPM - Operation and Maintenance
RCRA OVS - Oversight  
RCRA CEP - Partial Evaluation
RCRA SA1 - Sampling
RCRA SCE - Schedule Evaluation
RCRA TAV - Technical Assistance Visit  
SDWA INV - Investigation
SDWA ASE - Asbestos MAP
SDWA CBI - Biomonitoring
SDWA CDI - Case Development  
SDWA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection  
SDWA CEI - Evaluation
SDWA CE2 - Evaluation (IU)
SDWA ICC - Interstate Conveyance Carrier
SDWA PIU - Non-Sampling
SDWA OSV - On Site Visit
SDWA OPM - Operation and Maintenance
SDWA OVS - Oversight  
SDWA ROS - Reconnaissance without Sampling
SDWA SA1 - Sampling
SDWA SAS - Sanitary Survey
SDWA SCE - Schedule Evaluation
TSCA INV - Investigation
TSCA 6AF - Asbestos
TSCA COI - Asbestos ASHAA Close Out Inspection
TSCA AS1 - Asbestos BAN
TSCA ADR - Asbestos Demolition and Renovation
TSCA ASE - Asbestos MAP
TSCA AW1 - Asbestos Worker Protection
TSCA AU1 - Audit  
TSCA CBI - Biomonitoring
TSCA CDI - Case Development  
TSCA CAI - Compliance Assistance Inspection  
TSCA CEI - Evaluation
TSCA EMX - Exemption
TSCA EXP - Export
TSCA FSS - Field Screening Sample
TSCA FLP - Follow-Up
TSCA CEF - Full Evaluation
TSCA 6CR - Hexavalent Chromium
TSCA IMP - Import
TSCA 8NV - Inventory Rule
TSCA L2F - Lead Paint
TSCA 5EF - Orders
TSCA OVS - Oversight  
TSCA PAR - Partial
TSCA CEP - Partial Evaluation
TSCA 5PM - Premanufacture Notice
TSCA 13R - Records
TSCA 5SU - Significant New Use Rule
TSCA 8HS - Studies  
TSCA TX1 - Toxics