Watershed Statistics Help


Select a reporting year and watershed criteria to download data about facilities and wastewater discharges located within a watershed(s). This search is particularly useful for watershed modelers and mapping applications. Select a "Download" button to generate a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  • Download Watershed File: facility counts and loadings for the selected watershed(s).
  • Download Facility File: facility attribute information (e.g., facility name, unique identifiers, address) for the selected watershed(s).

Facilities are aggregated to the Facility Registry Service (FRS) ID. FRS identifies a facility by assigning an identification number (FRS ID), and uses this ID to link together EPA regulatory program database records. Note that FRS IDs may link to one or more NPDES IDs or TRIFIDs. As a result, the counts displayed in the Watershed Statistics downloads may not match counts in the results of a Water Pollution Search , as the Water Pollution Search identify facilities by NPDES ID or TRIFID.

Watershed File Data Dictionary

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Facility File Data Dictionary

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