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NPDES DMR Parameters

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NPDES DMR Parameters: Data Element Descriptions
EXCLUDED_FROM_LOADINGSIndicates those parameters for which loadings cannot be calculated.
COUNT_PERMITS_WITH_LIMITSIndicates the number of distinct NPDES permits that have or had limits and/or monitoring requirements for a parameter at any time between January 1, 2007 to the present.
TOXIC_WEIGHTING_FACTORThe value of the toxic weighting factor, used to convert pounds of pollutant to Toxic Weighted Pounds Equivalent (TWPE).
QNCR_POLL_CODEThe Quarterly Noncompliance Report (QNCR) pollutant code indicates whether the parameter is categorized as SNC Group 1, Group 2, or Not Used for the QNCR, for the purposes of calculating reportable noncompliance (RNC). For background on SNC pollutant groupings, refer to the Memorandum: Revision of NPDES Significant Noncompliance (SNC) Criteria to Address Violations of Non-Monthly Average Limits.

TRI Chemicals

Information pertaining to both DMR and TRI

 Facility Program Flags

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 Industrial Classification

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