Water Pollutant Loading Tool Modernization

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

The Water Pollutant Loading Tool (Loading Tool) is a public access website designed to help you determine who is discharging, what pollutants they are discharging and how much, and where they are discharging. The Loading Tool calculates pollutant loadings from permit and DMR data from EPA's Integrated Compliance Information System for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (ICIS-NPDES). Data are available from the year 2007 to the present.

The Loading Tool was transitioned into ECHO to increase user access to data and streamline site maintenance. EPA retired the legacy site on January 24, 2018.

 Site Navigation


Water Pollution Search
Streamlined combination of EZ Search, TRI Search, and Facility Search.

Snapshot of Water Pollution Search form.


Data Downloads
Access features that generate files for download, such as Custom Search and NPDES Monitoring Data Download.

Snapshot of Custom Search form.


Everyday Searches
Specialized tools and features. 

Snapshot of TRI and DMR Comparison Dashboard.

Access help information and technical documentation.

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 Features Available in ECHO


  • Video tutorials for the TRI and DMR Comparison Dashboard
  • Streamlined and consistent design, using ECHO design template
  • Data provided via publicly available web services
  • Improved search speed and performance
  • Simplified navigation tabs within the Loading Tool to enable quick access across features and resources
  • Many features and pages (e.g., search forms, reports, etc.) have unique aliases and may be accessed via direct URL calls
  • Expanded help documentation
ECHO Feature ECHO Navigation Tab Legacy Feature Notes about changes and improvements
Water Pollution Search Water Pollution Search EZ Search Water Pollution Search default search type is DMR.
TRI Search Select search type "TRI" to search for TRI direct and indirect discharge data.
Facility Search Search functionality, such as ability to search by Facility ID, incorporated into the Water Pollution Search.
Custom Search Data Downloads Advanced Search Reorganized search form and improved search speed and performance.
TRI and DMR Comparison Dashboard Everyday Searches TRI and DMR Comparison Dashboard Charts refresh automatically when selecting a metric.
Pollutant Loading Report (DMR) N/A Facility Information (DMR)

Available via "L" report icons throughout ECHO: CWA Pollutant Loading Report

Incorporates loading calculation drilldowns.

Example report: https://echo.epa.gov/trends/loading-tool/reports/dmr-pollutant-loading?…;

NPDES Permit Limit and Monitoring Requirements Report N/A View Permit Limits and Monitoring Requirements Available via "P" icon in Loading Tool: Permit Limits Icon

Summary information added to link to other reports. Users may also change the year of data displayed. Improved format and functionality of table and download.
Pollutant Loading Report (TRI) N/A Facility Information (TRI) Example report: https://echo.epa.gov/trends/loading-tool/reports/tri-pollutant-loading?…
NPDES Monitoring Data Download Data Downloads Permit Fact Sheet Tables Improved spreadsheet formatting. Available via "F" report icon in Loading Tool: NPDES Monitoring Data Download Icon
Nutrient Modeling (Hypoxia Task Force Search) Everyday Searches Nutrient Modeling Retained legacy functionality and updated formatting.
Annual Loadings (Hypoxia Task Force Search) Everyday Searches Annual Loadings Report Retained legacy functionality and updated formatting.
DMR and TRI Multi-Year Loading Report N/A Facility Multi-Year Loading Report Available via "M" report icon in Loading Tool: Multi-Year Loading Report Icon
Effluent Limit Exceedances Report N/A Effluent Limit Exceedances Report

Available via "X" report icons throughout ECHO:  Effluent Limit Exceedances Report Icon

Example report: https://echo.epa.gov/trends/loading-tool/reports/effluent-exceedances/?…

Watershed Statistics Data Downloads Watershed Statistics and Loadings Retained legacy functionality and updated formatting.
State Statistics Data Downloads State Statistics Retained legacy functionality. Help documentation is under development.
Effluent Limit Exceedances Search Everyday Searches Effluent Limit Exceedances Search Retained legacy functionality. Improved results table scrolling and pagination.

 Availability of Other Features

Additional features will be added incrementally to the modernized Loading Tool. Dates are subject to change.

Feature Anticipated Availability Date
Indirect Industrial Discharge Report Under consideration
Compare DMR and TRI features in Water Pollution Search Results Under consideration
Top Industrial Dischargers of Toxic Pollutants Under consideration
Exceedance Charts Under consideration
Loading Trends Charts Under consideration
Load over Limit Summary Under consideration
Lookup Tables Under consideration
Data Explorer Discontinued
Facility Exceedance Counts Discontinued

 Future Enhancements

The following data and functionality are planned for future releases:

  • National download files
  • Automated weekly updates of select reference files

Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional features for the Loading Tool.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions will be posted below during the Loading Tool transition into ECHO.

Will notice be given as features are added in ECHO?
Yes. EPA will update this page and send emails to the Water Pollutant Loading Tool News list as features become available.
Will there be webinars to train users on how to use the Loading Tool?
EPA will offer online training for the modernized Loading Tool in the future. Visit ECHO Training recordings of past webinars and registration information for upcoming webinars.