Water Pollutant Loading Tool - Everyday Searches

The Water Pollutant Loading Tool (Loading Tool) is a web-based tool that calculates and reports facility pollutant discharges in pounds per year or by monitoring period based on NPDES permit limit and DMR data.

Access specialized water pollutant-related tools using the links below.

DMR Exceedances Search

Identifies instances where discharge monitoring report (DMR) data indicates there was an exceedance of the Clean Water Act (CWA) NPDES permit effluent limit.

TRI and DMR Comparison Dashboard

Provides a comparison of wastewater discharge data reported on DMRs under the NPDES permit program and water releases reported under the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) at a national, regional, or state level.

Nutrient Modeling (Hypoxia Task Force Search)

Provides aggregated nitrogen and aggregated phosphorus loads (based on DMR data) and modeled loads for facilities that are likely to discharge nutrients but do not have nutrient DMR data.

Annual Loadings (Hypoxia Task Force Search)

Provides separate summaries of nutrient permit monitoring requirements and aggregated and modeled nitrogen and phosphorus loads, organized by State or Point Source Category.