Water Pollutant Loading Tool - Data Downloads

The Water Pollutant Loading Tool (Loading Tool) is a web-based tool that calculates and reports facility pollutant discharges in pounds per year or by monitoring period based on NPDES permit limit and DMR data.

Access water pollutant-related downloads using the links below.

Custom Search (i.e., Advanced Search)
Allows users to create customized downloads of loadings data at three levels of detail. This can be used as an alternative option to exploring pollutant loadings through the Water Pollution Search results and report webpages, or for users that want to perform offline data analyses.
NPDES Monitoring Data Download
Provides easy-to-read spreadsheet of all available permit limit and discharge information for facilities regulated under the CWA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).
Watershed Statistics and Loadings
Download data about facilities and wastewater discharges located within a watershed(s). This search is particularly useful for watershed modelers and mapping applications.
State Statistics and Loadings
Access downloads that summarize, by state and EPA region, the counts and magnitude of pollutant loadings for all individual NPDES permits (i.e., having permit type "individual") during a calendar year.