Water Quality Indicators Data Usability Improvement Project

The Water Quality Indicators (WQI) project helped identify a number of missing metadata elements in the Water Quality Portal data that limited the usability of half the available nutrient water monitoring records. This dashboard allows users to identify specific missing metadata elements available in the Water Quality Portal data and to identify ways to improve usability of the data.  As historical data are fixed and made available in the Water Quality Portal, the WQI tool will incorporate the data in subsequent monthly refreshes. For more information on how to fix historical data submitted by your organization and best management practices for WQX data submission please visit the WQX Nutrients Best Practices Guide.

This dashboard will be updated quarterly.  Please contact Rusty Wasem with questions, comments, or suggestions.

To improve the reusability of the data provided to the Water Quality Exchange (WQX), the EPA Office of Water has initiated a WQX Nutrient Best Practices group to guide data submitters for future submissions and to update their previous submissions if they are willing to fix the historical data.  If you are interested in more information on this group, please contact the STORET Help Desk.

The currently presented data were pulled from the Water Quality Portal in March 2023 and include data recorded from January 2013 - March 2023.