State Comments on Frozen Data - 2008

State comments on frozen data are available through the links below, organized by the submission year. Additional data quality information which is not specific to the frozen data is available through the known data problems and State Review Framework Recommendations Tracker.

2008 Comments on Frozen Data (Captured February 2009)
StateMediaCommentsData Links
FloridaCAA FL CAA State Link
FL Data Link (PDF) (1 pp, 24 K)
KentuckyCAA KY Data Link (PDF) (1 pp, 8 K)
MaineCAA ME Data Link (PDF) (3 pp, 285 K)
RCRA ME Data Link (PDF) (3 pp, 285 K)
OregonCAA OR Data Link (PDF) (3 pp, 92 K)
South CarolinaCAA SC Data Link (PDF) (8 pp, 192 K)