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State environmental agencies often maintain additional information about compliance and enforcement (beyond what is reported to EPA systems). EPA provides and maintains lists of links to state environmental agency websites and resources:

Several states have provided direct links to related websites, which are listed by state below. 

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Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
The Alaska DEC website contains information on its activities, including permitting and regulations.


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Arizona's Safe Drinking Water Information System
Arizona's Safe Drinking Water Information System allows individuals to access some of the data and information related to regulated public water systems in the state of Arizona. Please address all questions, comments, concerns and/or edits via email only, to


California Environmental Protection Agency
This site offers a variety of compliance and enforcement tools and information, such as local enforcement agencies and legal references.


Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division
This site features detailed information on environmental protection activities, with links to environmental indicators, technical guidance, enforcement orders, and more.


Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
The website for the LDEQ includes information on rules and regulations, enforcement activities, permits, and more.


ECHO Information about Maine
This page explains Maine DEP's role in ECHO and how differences in state and federal terminology should be factored into any conclusions drawn from it.


Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
The Massachusetts DEP is a state agency responsible for protecting human health and the environment by ensuring clean air and water, the safe management and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes, the timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources. This website contains information on the department's programs and describes how to access DEP's files on specific regulated facilities and locations.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
The DEQ's mission is to drive improvements in environmental quality for the protection of public health and natural resources to benefit current and future generations. This will be accomplished through effective administration of agency programs, providing for the use of innovative strategies, while helping to foster a strong and sustainable economy.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 
What's in My Neighborhood is an online tool for searching out information about sites and facilities all around Minnesota. Using a text- or map-based search, you can get useful details about locations in your community. For each site or facility, you can find enforcement actions and site details such as permits, projects, registrations and many other data repositories maintained by the MPCA under its role as the primary authority over delegated water, air and land programs. Starting in January 2014, the site also provides users access to selected documents from our electronic records management system.

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Online Reports
This site contains reports on inspections, enforcement actions, violations, and incidents (complaints) for compliance and enforcement activity, as well as other department reports for air and water permitting.

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources:

Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ) Website
This site contains compliance, emissions, and miscellaneous site activity information. The facility information can be found by taking the online links. By taking the links, the user can have a better understanding of the data and the local program.


Pennsylvania EFACTS
This database houses inspection, enforcement, and permitting information for the facilities regulated in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Office of Compliance and Inspection
The RIDEM Office of Compliance and Inspection (OC&I) is responsible for the regulatory enforcement activities related to Air, Waste, and Water Resources. The OC&I investigates complaints and suspected violations of environmental laws and regulations relating to: surface water, groundwater, freshwater wetlands, individual sewage disposal systems, solid waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and air resources, including visible emissions, odors, fugitive dust, and exterior lead paint removal. This link leads to more detailed information on specific enforcement actions.


Annual Enforcement Report of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
The TCEQ Annual Enforcement Report contains statistical indicators on the enforcement actions for each type of regulatory program in the agency.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Texas state regulatory office.

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
The WVDEP main website contains links to a wide variety of data about environmental protection programs in WV. Spatial (GIS) datasets, application forms and instructions, existing facilities, pending applications, and compliance data are examples of environmental information available on this website.

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