EPA/State Dashboards Help Home

A dashboard is a data interface designed for easy reading. It allows multiple metrics to be monitored and displayed at a summary level, while offering the supporting data at a more granular level. The dashboards on the ECHO website are specialized to track both facility and agency performance as they relate to compliance with and enforcement of environmental standards and support EPA's transparency efforts. The dashboards in ECHO include charts, tables, and links to additional information and can be tailored by users based on their preferences.

Overview of the Data Presented on the Dashboards

The data on the dashboards are presented as a national view or by state or territory. The most recent ten-year trend is always displayed. The fiscal year refers to the federal fiscal year, October 1 to September 30. Data for the current fiscal year in progress are shown as “year-to-date,” while data from the previous fiscal years are complete. Please note that the current year's data are updated weekly for Air, Hazardous Waste, and Water and updated quarterly, with a three-month lag, for Drinking Water. The specific data sources and programs for each dashboard are listed on the individual help pages.

For more information about each program, visit the dashboard help pages: