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The ECHO website with its facility search features is designed to provide easy access to EPA's compliance and enforcement data with customizable onscreen display and download (learn about facility searching in a video tutorial). For those with larger data needs, ECHO has several types of data sets available. These large data sets may be of particular use to developers, programmers, academics, and analysts. The data available here can be downloaded and used for many different functions and are certain to meet all data retrieval needs.

ECHO Exporter Version 2.0

The ECHO Exporter draws from one of ECHO's most popular reports - providing summary information about each facility in a table format. Because ECHO has a limit on the number of facilities that can be shown in one query, some users were not able to get all the information they needed. The ECHO Exporter solves that problem - providing a download for more than 1.5 million regulated facilities in one zip file. Over 130 data fields are available for each facility, including the frequency of inspections, violations, actions, and penalties. The file includes facilities regulated as Clean Air Act stationary sources, Clean Water Act direct dischargers, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste handlers, Safe Drinking Water Act public water systems along with other data, such as Toxics Release Inventory releases, industry codes, and permit types. Latitude/longitude information also is included when available, allowing users to integrate facility locations into maps, mobile apps, and websites.

The ECHO Exporter download file is updated weekly as part of the ECHO data refresh. Note: this file is too large to work well in Excel. Microsoft Access, other database products like MySQL or APEX, and most GIS software can handle the data.

National Enforcement and Compliance History Online Data Downloads

The Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) data sets have been compiled for access to larger sets of national data to ensure that ECHO meets your data retrieval needs. While ECHO provides data detailing compliance assurance and enforcement activities related to federal environmental laws, it has a limited online display of data. The ECHO data sets are available for download to review these expanded data sets. Each data set is a compressed zip file containing one or more comma-delimited text files. The download summary documents posted after each data set contain a file listing and definitions of included data elements.

The data sets below are updated weekly as part of the ECHO data refreshNote: as creation of these files is automated, the ZIP file sizes below are approximate.

Please note that each level of government has been working together for many years to ensure that information in national systems is accurate. However, while increased scrutiny has been given to the quality of data in the national systems in recent years, the data quality before November 2000 has not been assessed and should be considered unknown.

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